30, 000 cases registered against power thieves, 4,000 jailed: Omar Ayub

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (INP): Power Minister Omar Ayub Khan said on Monday no load shedding is being carried out during Sehri and Iftar in Ramazan in any part of the country.

The minister in a statement said uninterrupted power supply is being ensured in the holy month of Ramazan on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He questioned the previous PML-N government to explain as to why did it resort to load shedding in Ramazan during its tenure. PM Khan’s government launched a crackdown against power theft and made the power supply system transparent, he added.

The minister said as many as 30,000 cases were registered against those involved in electricity theft while 4,000 of them were sent behind bars.

It is noteworthy that the Power Division of the Ministry of Energy Tuesday had lately claimed zero shortfall of electricity in the country.

Spokesman for the power division Zafaryab Khan in a statement said that overall power demand in the country remains at 18908 megawatts, while 20,300 megawatt electricity being generated.

The spokesman claimed zero shortfall of electricity in the country adding that the power distribution companies are implementing load management in Ramazan according to a prior announced schedule.