45 Afghan Security Forces Killed in Baghlan

KABUL, Aug 15 (INP): At least 45 Afghan security forces were killed in a Taliban attack over an army base in northern Baghlan province, a security source confirmed Wednesday.

Mohammad Safdar Mohseni, head of provincial council, says the insurgents set fire to the checkpoints after the attack late Tuesday night in the Baghlan-I Markazi district in which at least 36 soldiers and nine Afghan Local Policemen (ALP) lost their lives.
Taliban has also seized all equipment which were available at the base.

He said that Taliban fighters were still controlling the base and dead bodies of security forces were remained in the battlefield due to ongoing clashes. Dilawar Aymaq, a parliamentarian from Baghlan, confirmed the attack and said that at least 45 members of the Afghan national army as well as police officers were killed in the Taliban attack. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack. The resurgent Taliban carry out near-daily attacks against Afghan security forces, who have struggled to combat the insurgency since the U.S. and NATO formally concluded their combat mission at the end of 2014. INP/LK/AK