7 rib-tickling reasons to experience the scary tale of a feminist restless ghost, STREE

Monitoring, Sep 07 (INP) – The spook-fest Indian horror movie ‘Stree’ seems to have struck the perfect balance between humour and comedy.

Stree is highly appreciated among critics and movie buffs.

Here’s a quick glance at the spices of the Raj Kumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starring experimental; not only spine tingling but rib-tickling hor-com, a new genre smartly influxes into the contemporary Indian Cinema – Stree:

Spine-chilling rom-com tale of feminism

Filmed in remote village Chanderi, Stree rightly took a flight of fancy of a weird fantasy. The hoary town has a dark secret that it wants to forget but can barely live down. The story has roots in town’s long history of patriarchy, misogyny and toxic masculinity.

Stree is an agitated ghost of a stunning courtesan violently frustrated in her attempt to find true love which frightens the men of Chanderi in the four-day annual religious festival.

The terror of stree makes men of village to go through the physical and mental trauma that women face in daily life. It is about to realise a man woman’s panic, suffocation, insecurity and constant humiliation.

Men of Chanderi remain at home and are unable to venture out in the dark, get advised by their wives and mothers to return home early and keep the doors and windows of the house locked and to not pay heed to stalkers and strangers. They are asked over and over again not to trap into the enchanted threat of being abducted by the Stree who left nothing but the clothes of the abductee.