Afghani Charlie Chaplin Karim Asir brings joys and happiness amid war

Monitoring, Sep 13 (INP) – People in war-torn Afghanistan are in dire need of amusements and recreational activities. Amid this, the role of artists rises. One of such personality is Karim Asir who is an Afghani version of Charlie Chaplin, a famous English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer, better known as “the Tramp”, who rose to prominence during the era of silent films. Karim always wanted to study theatre.

“I said to my father and to my mother that I can’t be a doctor but I have [the] skill to become an artist.” Parents of Chaplin impersonator Karim Asir expressed apprehension, but he is doing what he likes to.

He has gained reputation among the Afghanis. This is because of the fact that he makes their time qualitative and worth enjoying through his jocular activities. In a country where people are vexed as bombs, bullets, blasts, killings horrify them spending time watching him is something incomparable for them.

His aim is to lessen the sufferings of Afghanis who have been the victim to a lot in the hands of extremism and terrorism. Hundreds and thousands of Afghanis have lost their lives in the callous war on terror that engulfed them indiscriminately.