All 66 passengers ‘Killed’ as plane crashes in Iran

Tehran, Feb 18 (INP): An Iranian passenger plane has crashed in a mountainous area of the central province of Isfahan, killing all 66 people on board, according to state media.

The plane came down in the Zagros mountains near the city of Semirom while flying between Tehran’s Mehrabad airport and the southwestern city of Yasuj, the national emergency services said.

The plane was said to be a twin-engine turbo prop ATR 72 operated by Iran’s Aseman Airlines.

Airline spokesman Mohammad Taghi Tabatabai told state TV that all on board the flight were killed in the accident.

He said the plane crashed into Mount Dena, which is about 440-meters high.

The plane was carrying 60 passengers and six crew members.

It was not immediately clear what caused the crash.

Bad weather has prevented a rescue helicopter from reaching the crash site, state TV reported.