Art-lovers laud Japanese film-tale of samurai cooking

Islamabad, Dec. 13 (INP): A famous Japanese file ‘A tale of samurai cooking’ a true love story was screened here at a local hotel.

The film-screening was jointly arranged by the Japanese embassy and the hotel management. It was produced by Tetsuo Harada Kaoru in 2013. It story revolved around the relationship between a gastronomically gifted young woman and her frustrated, fighter-minded husband working as a chef in a warlord clan.

The film was witnessed by a large number of local people, who highly appreciated it, stating that the central idea of the film is very close to human sentiments and relates some hard realities.

The Embassy of Japan has been holding Japanese film festivals in various cities of Pakistan since many decades to provide an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to learn about various aspects of Japanese traditions, culture, lifestyle and society through films. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Pakistan and the Embassy of Japan has organized a variety of cultural events across Pakistan to commemorate the 65 years of friendly relations between the two countries.

Directed by Yuzou Asahara, the film “A Tale of Samurai Cooking” was released in Japan in 2013 and revolves around an excellent cook Oharu who has married into the legendary “Kitchen Samurai” family. But her husband who is the successor of the family can’t cook at all.

Oharu vows to make him a superb samurai chef, and starts teaching her husband how to cook. It depicts the life of a “Kitchen Samurai” who has served the Lord of Kaga not with the “sword” but with the “kitchen-knife”.

Ambassador Takashi Kurai while welcoming the guests expressed his hope that the film will acquaint the guests with some features of Japanese culture, tradition and art. “I hope that today’s event will provide an opportunity for the guests to understand more about Japan and its culture, and thus for us all to strengthen further the bilateral relations between Japan and Pakistan” said Ambassador Kurai.