Beijing-based Pakistani family prefers to stay there in wake of COVID-19

BEIJING, Match 28 (INP): A Pakistan family based in Beijing preferred to stay there in wake of COVID-19, demonstrating that Pakistan and China live together at time of need or while facing any difficulty.

Sharing its view with China Economic Net that how they manage their time and why they didn’t go back to Pakistan, while many foreigners have left, Zubair Bashir, a senior broadcaster said many people said to send back my family to Pakistan but he believes that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

As a Pakistani, how we could leave China in this situation. Now the world has seen, how China has overcome this epidemic. China has made an unprecedented history”, he told CEN.

Shahida Kanwal the wife of Mr. Zubair, said that at the start of Coronavirus issue due to restrictions life was unusual, as a housewife, although she used to make food before, the biggest problem was the education of her children.

“The good thing now is that my husband has more time to spend at home,” she said with a smile.

Talking to CEN, the 13-year-old son of the couple, Ahmad Zubair said that before COVID-19, he used to spend his leisure time in a Park near home. “On weekends it was a must that we would visit a ‘Games station’ or any ‘Amusement park’. But epidemic changed their whole lifestyle, during days of quarantine and shutdown they haven’t visit any recreational park since January 2020,” he mentioned.

Mahnoor Zubair, the nine-year-old daughter of the couple said that she used to talk with my school mates in Pakistan on the telephone and suggest them to stay home,” she mentioned.

Though sometimes we insist on our parents for going out when we feel very bored at home but they often say that we must abide by the rules and regulations and should not pose any risk to other citizens and the society as a whole, she added.