Beijing Winter Olympics becomes a window to China’s latest innovation

Islamabad, Feb 22 (INP): Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 has become a window to China’s latest innovation and technological advancement, says a report published by China Economic Net (CEN) Tuesday.

It is a reflection of how effectively technology was utilized to make the Olympics simple, safe and splendid. With technology, not only were the Olympic Games safe and virus free but also they were green, clean and environmentally friendly.

China has made its mark as a leader in tech innovation due to the effective use of advanced technologies. The games display the incredible view of art and technology covering artistic torch ignition, robotic food preparation, athlete performance, health monitoring, Artificial Intelligence tools, self-driving cars, intelligent navigation, and accurate time information for Journalistic reporting.

Even the President of the International Olympics Committee, Thomas Bach, could not resist acknowledging that China has brought forward an unprecedented level of digitalization and set a high technological benchmark for the future Olympics.

He has made these remarks by virtually speaking to the journalists through holographic communication technology with a remote high definition screen developed by China’s corporate giant Alibaba.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp was tasked to develop pollution-less torches for the subsurface Olympic robot relay. The company overcame stringent barriers to develop a final design with high precision underwater hovering and positioning technologies.

At the Olympic torch, China used self-driving vehicles to carry the Olympic torch 800 meters. China further developed a 5-G enabled network of vehicles for one million square meters for intelligent communications with the help of Beidou Satellite.

Bird’s Nest, the national stadium of China, went through an immense transformation for the inaugural ceremony of the glittering Olympics. It was powered by clean energy to create an environmentally-friendly ambiance with digital workstations and decorated floors with LED lights.

The Olympics Committee coordinated with China to develop innovative equipment for the athletes to make intelligent decisions during the games. China has turned the Bird’s Nest upside down in technological terms to transform it into a smart stadium from its traditional shape.

Moreover, cameras and sensors are being used to transmit real-time data to coaches in control rooms, enabling them to assess the emerging situations. Technologies have also been applied to maintain cooling and heating systems.

There has also been generous use of innovation to recycle waste heat refrigeration, increasing manifold energy efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to test athletes’ performance, training, health, and safety, along with possible detection of fatigue and stress.

Although athletes are kept under strict observation to avoid pandemic contact, they still use wearables to transmit heart rate, lung capacity, and other movements to generate data for physicians, therapists, and doctors.

Since the audience and spectators are kept at a certain distance from the athletes in gaming venues, 3D Athlete Tracking is powered by artificial intelligence, which uses high-impact cameras to provide a close view of games to the audience.

A digital system is developed to give accurate game developments to the audience worldwide to track the scores and medals.

China made relentless efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and developed robotic sheds and bartenders to prevent human contact and ensure social distancing. The robots also deliver food on gaming and practising sites to the athletes and support staff.

In essence, it has been a spectacular experience for athletes and audience alike at the Beijing Olympics 2022.