BRI provides equal opportunities of economic development to member States

BEIJING, Jan. 9 : Belt and Road” initiative adheres to the principle of “common construction and sharing” and promotes the realization of “policy communication, Said Weng Xiang yu, Vice president of united front work department of the CPC Fujian Province committee

He added that belt and road project focuses on facility connectivity, smooth trade, financial communication and people’s access.

He was addressing an international media delegation of journalists here in fujian, Rongcheng” – Fuzhou.

He told that as per vision of Chinese President Fujian has accelerated its high-quality development, and a new Fujian with high-quality economic development and high ecological environment is rising.

He apprised, in past five years, Fujian’s GDP has grown by an average of 9.1% a year, ranking 10th in the country, rising to 91,000 yuan per capita, rising to sixth in the country, and forest cover has risen to 66.8%, maintaining the country’s first in the long term.

Weng briefed that at present, Fujian’s development is facing a once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity, Fujian Free Trade Pilot Zone, “Haisi” core area, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Fuzhou New Area, Fushaquan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, National Ecological Civilization Test Zone and other “six-zone overlay” policy advantages make Fujian china become one of the most dynamic and development potential provinces.

It has also become a fertile place for livable investment. He maintained that central government explicitly supports Fujian’s construction of the core area of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road.

Fujian province is now under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Yantian, Sanming, Nanping, Longyan, Ningde 9 district cities and Pingtan comprehensive experimental area, under 12 county-level cities, 29 municipal districts and 44 counties (including Jinmen County). Fujian is located on the southeast coast of China, across the sea from Taiwan. The province’s land area of 124,000 square kilometers, the sea area of 136,000 square kilometers. At the end of 2016, the resident population was 38.74 million.
The ethnic minority population is 796.9 million, accounting for 2.16% of the province’s total population. Among them, the Yi population accounts for more than half of the national Yi population.

The human heritage is deep. 5000 years ago, the ancestors created the ancient Lushishan culture, with unique Minnan culture, Hakka culture, Mazu culture, boat ingress culture and other regional culture. Fujian Tulou and Xiamen Gulangyu are world cultural heritage sites.

Natural resources are abundant. Forest coverage reached 66.8%, the highest in the country. The reserves of hydraulic resources are the first in East China. Marine resources are rich, land coastline up to 3751.5 kilometers, ranking second in the country, can build 10-30 million tons of tons of berths of the coastal resources in the forefront of the country, aquatic products per capita share of the country’s second. Wuyi Mountain is a world natural heritage and world cultural heritage, known as the “window of the world’s living things”. Fujian is also the country’s largest tea production, big red robe, Tieguanyin, jasmine tea and other famous Chinese and foreign.

Foreign exchanges and exchanges have a long history, is one of the earliest provinces of China’s foreign trade, Quanzhou in the Song Yuan period is a world-renowned commercial port, for the “sea Silk Road” an important starting point, Fuzhou is Zheng He seven under the Western Sea berth and open the ocean.

The province opened six airports for civil aviation flights, with passenger throughput of more than 38 million passengers and more than 500,000 tons of cargo and mail.

In recent years, Fujian in accordance with the central “Belt and Road” master plan and layout, solidly promote the construction of the core area of Silk Road. “Silk Road Shipping” “Silk Road Flying” “Digital Silk Road” “Silk Road Investment” “Silk Road Trade” “Human sea silk” “Ecological sea silk” “Sea Silk” and other 8 key projects are being advanced in an orderly manner. It is believed that in the near future, Fujian will become one of the most dynamic coastal provinces.