British ambassador interacts with the story of dozens of dolphins stranded on the beach of Amlaj


Amlaj, April 05 (INP) The British ambassador to the Kingdom, Neil Crampton, interacted with the story of dozens of dolphins stranded on the beach of Amlaj, which was published by “SPA” in its coverage of the story on the Red Sea coast at the end of last March And it received a wide response from the media, the people of the region, in addition to the volunteers and the competent authorities for a successful rescue operation.
The Saudi Press Agency,s correspondent accompanied Ambassador Crompton, today, on his visit to Amlaj Governorate, where he stood on its shores, which are among the most beautiful beaches of the Kingdom, and are considered a destination for much marine life, including dolphins and turtles.

The British ambassador expressed his admiration for what the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is doing and the programs it announced towards the environment and its preservation, such as the green Saudi initiative announced by His Highness the Crown Prince, and its commitment to combating climate change, adding that an important part of these programs focuses on protecting the environment and coral reefs in the sea.

Ambassador Crompton said: This region enjoys wonderful tourism projects recently announced, and aims to protect the environment and its diversity and protect these areas for future generations.
It is noteworthy that the strong winds and turbulent weather led several days ago to the stranding of dozens of dolphins to the shores of Umluj. This prompted volunteers from the region and the competent authorities to participate in a wide rescue operation.
The rescue operations were attended by members of the Border Guard, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Amlaj municipality, the Civil Defense, the Al-Bar Association, environmental experts from the Red Sea Development Company, and a number of volunteers.
And that operation managed to save dozens of dolphins from certain death by returning them to the deep waters of the Red Sea, while 7 dolphins died