China and Pakistan come together to break a stalemate: Report

BEIJING, Dec 18 (INP): It was China and Pakistan that played a leading role in breaking a stalemate in peace reconciliation process in the Afghanistan.

Historians agree that violence has never brought prosperity to any region. Certainly, the foreign ministers of China, Pakistan and Afghanistan concur with that belief, says a report in Chinese official media.

As they gathered in Kabul on December 15, they renewed the call on all parties to end the fighting in Afghanistan. Pivotal role was from Pakistan and China that made things rolling for a positive outcome.

The meeting was second in a series of dialogues between the foreign ministers of the three countries. Exploring options to ensure regional peace, it was highly significant in three interconnected aspects.

First, the joint statement reaffirmed the commitment to lead Afghanistan back onto the path to peace through an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. This is the only way if Kabul is to be able to bring all warring elements under its influence and provide them with a channel to abandon their extremist links.

Secondly, stress has been laid on countering terrorism. Coordination in this regard has been enhanced with signing of a MoU that all terrorist threats in the region will be neutralized without any discrimination.

The third aspect addresses inadequate infrastructure facilities that restrict Afghanistan from making full use of its trade capacity. During the dialogue, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), already helping Pakistan in overcoming its logistical shortcomings, was warmly praised by Afghanistan. The joint statement endorsed advancing connectivity under the BRI and other regional economic modes.

Stability in Afghanistan is one of the prime national concerns of Pakistan, seeing that it hosts 1.3 million registered Afghan refugees. Even though Pakistan has been making efforts to encourage their gradual return to Afghanistan, the process is not easy to achieve.

Then, there is the massive international trade that can materialize for Pakistan with the bringing of peace in its western neighbor.

Bringing Afghanistan into the BRI net is also a priority for Pakistan. Islamabad intends a westward extension of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a flagship project of the BRI, for the benefit of its underdeveloped regions and improve connectivity with Afghanistan.