China attaches high hopes with ongoing intra-Afghan dialogue: 

BEIJING, September 15 (INP): China is confident that the ongoing Intra-Afghan dialogue will lead to permanent peace in Afghanistan. 

This was stated by China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin at a regular press conference.

He said, “We express congratulations for the opening of the intra-Afghan negotiations. Just as a Chinese poem reads, “We remain brothers after all the vicissitudes; let’s forgo our old grudges, smiling we meet again.”  

Both parties of the intra-Afghan negotiations are brothers. After all these years of twists and turns, they finally came to the negotiating table and opened a new chapter in the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan 

History has proved time and again that peace in Afghanistan cannot be achieved by military means and that a political settlement is the only correct way forward.  

It is hoped that the two sides will bear in mind the interests of their country and nation, work together to achieve outcomes and peace in these negotiations, build an inclusive political architecture for the future that is widely accepted and participated in by all parties in Afghanistan, stay committed to combating terrorism, pursue a foreign policy of peace and friendship, and help Afghanistan to embark on the road of peaceful development in real earnest. 

China is a traditional friendly neighbor and sincere friend of Afghanistan

As State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the intra-Afghan negotiations, China sincerely hopes that the two sides of the Afghan peace talks will seek common ground while shelving and narrowing differences, turn their swords into ploughshares and find an effective political solution to the Afghan issue as soon as possible.  

China always respects the independent choice of the Afghan people, firmly supports the “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” peace and reconciliation process, and will continue to be a supporter, mediator and facilitator of the process as always.” 

Meanwhile, Wang Wenbin told : The World Economic Forum will hold the Special Virtual Dialogue with Global Business Leaders on September 15, where Premier Li Keqiang is invited to have discussions with the business leaders attending the meeting, and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab will host the dialogue. 

At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc around the world, and the global economy has slipped into deep recession and economic globalization is facing headwinds. The international community, especially multinational companies, are closely following China‘s economic prospects and policy with expectations to share more opportunities presented by China‘s development. 

Premier Li Keqiang will deliver an important speech at the dialogue, putting forward his views on international landscape, briefing on China’s measures to coordinate epidemic control efforts and socio-economic development and the results they achieved, explaining China’s economic development policies, and discussing issues to the interest of the business community. 

It is believed that the dialogue will help the international community to have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of China’s economic situation and policies, deepen cooperation between China and the rest of the international community, especially the global business community. 

China is willing to help all parties work together to build an open world economy, jointly respond to crises and challenges and send a message of confidence and positive energy to the world.”