China builds more harmonious relationship with Pakistan and others: Spokesperson

BEIJING, February 12 (INP): China will continue to build more harmonious relationship with the countries of the World including Pakistan.

Acknowledging greeting messages received from Pakistan and other countries on their New Lunar Year, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said in the year ahead, China will continue to work with all countries to build a better, more harmonious and prosperous world.

During this Spring Festival, many foreign leaders extended congratulatory greetings and best wishes to the Chinese people, and delivered positive remarks on the important contributions made by Chinese communities to local economic and social development.

It reflects not only the influence of traditional Chinese culture, but also other countries’ recognition of traditional Chinese culture and ideals and their readiness to further friendly exchange and cooperation with China.

As the traditional Chinese proverb goes, “harmony in the family brings prosperity.” When the family members live in harmony, they can do everything smoothly.

The spokesperson added, “I think this philosophy also applies to state-to-state relations.

If countries can share mutual respect, seek common ground while reserving differences and co-exist in harmony, the world will enjoy peace, development and prosperity.

It is the common aspiration of all people that serves the interests of all countries.”

Hua Chunying pointed out that China all families get together on Spring Festival as it is the most important, ceremonious and joyous of all traditional festivals for the Chinese.

It symbolizes how much we cherish our family and aspire for a harmonious and prosperous life.

During the Spring Festival, Prime Minister Medvedev visited the Chinese Embassy in Russia and extended best wishes to the Chinese people.

This fully demonstrates the high-level and unique nature of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, and the deep friendship between our two countries and peoples.

It marks a good start for this year’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic ties. We believe that with joint efforts from both sides, our comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination will be brought to a new height, she added.