China calls for level-playing field for business interaction

BEIJING, Sept 04 (INP): A spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng Suang said the Chinese government has consistently encouraged Chinese companies to conduct foreign economic cooperation on the basis of adherence to local laws and in accordance with market principles and international rules.

Commenting on a report that US’s government is bullying the Chinese company Huawei, he said this kind of behavior is neither glorious nor moral, but also a denial of the market economy principles that the US has always advertised.

China resolutely opposes the US’s abuse of state power and suppression of certain Chinese companies without any evidence, he said at a regular news briefing held here on Wednesday.

“We urge the US to stop the wrong approach of generalizing national security, stop deliberate smear and accusation against China, stop unreasonable suppression of Chinese enterprises, and provide a level playing field and non-discriminatory environment for Chinese enterprises to operate in the United States.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Geng Shuang rejected the US’s accusations regarding the situation in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

He said, “The overall social situation in Xinjiang is quite stable, the economic development momentum is good, and all ethnic groups live in harmony.

There have been no terrorist attacks in the last three years. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have widely supported the government’s anti-terrorism and stability measures.

The spokesperson recalled that not long ago, ambassadors and envoys from seven countries including Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Nigeria visited Xinjiang to know about the situation of Xinjiang Vocational Skills Education and Training Center.

They positively evaluated the Chinese government’s crackdown on the unlawful elements. They also witnessed work on the prevention of terrorism, etc. They noted that the successful experience of Xinjiang is worth learning.

The spokesperson added, “We advise some people in the United States to take off colored glasses, abandon the Cold War mentality, stop using the issues such as Xinjiang to stop pointing at the Chinese side, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, and do more things that benefit China-US mutual trust and cooperation, not the other way around.”

The US’s side, he said has leveled unfounded accusations against China. We firmly oppose this and have made solemn representations to the US.

Xinjiang affairs, he reiterated are purely China’s internal affairs and foreign countries have no right to interfere.

The Chinese government has released a white paper recently, which comprehensively introduces the training of vocational skills education in Xinjiang.

The local government of Xinjiang has established a vocational skills education and training center in accordance with the law in order to save the people who have been tempted by the terrorist forces and even joined in and have minor criminal acts, so that they can get rid of the poison of extreme thoughts.