China fully stands by global community combating terrorism: Envoy

BEIJING, July 11 (INP): China’s counter-terrorism and deradicalization campaign is part and parcel of the global fight against terrorism that will help to promote peace and security worldwide.

This was stated by China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ma Zhaoxu while speaking at a Security Council open debate on threats to international peace and security.

According to Chinese media, he highlighted China’s position on counter-terrorism, stating that China is also a victim of terrorism and will fully stand by the global community combating terrorism.

The media quoting him as having said, “Facing the ongoing threat of terrorism and extremism, China has taken decisive measures to carry out counter-terrorism and deradicalization by law, has effectively contained the high incidences of terrorist activities at different locations, and has best guaranteed the basic right to development and life of people of all ethnicities.

China’s counter-terrorism and derdicalization campaign is fully consistent with the purposes and principles of the United Nations in fighting terrorism and protecting basic human rights.

China has been rigorously implementing all of UN’s counter-terrorism resolutions and actively participating in global and regional counter-terrorism cooperation.

As a state party to the United Nations convention against transnational organized crime, China has been taking a range of measures, including legislation, law enforcement and judiciary measures, actively implementing its obligations under the convention, and advancing relevant international cooperation.

China will continue to conduct bilateral and multilateral exchanges and cooperation with all member states, especially developing countries, on fighting terrorism and organized crime. China will do its utmost to provide material assistance to countries concerned in a joint endeavor to maintain regional and global peace and stability.”.