China growing economy well recognised by IMF: Spokesperson

BEIJING, November 20 (INP): International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently forecast that only four of the world’s 50 biggest economies will achieve an increase in GDP per capita, including China.
It is projected that China’s GDP per capita would redoubled in 2024 and jump to the70th place in 2025.

Commenting on the IMF’s report, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian said, this fully indicates that the international community is sanguine about China’s economic prospects and recognizes the achievements of China’s economic and social development.

At present, China has realized major strategic achievements in maintaining epidemic control and social-economic development.

In the first three quarters of this year, China’s economic growth turned positive, with its GDP hitting 72 trillion yuan, up by 4.9 percent year on year.

The fourth quarter is set to witness much faster growth. China’s economy demonstrates strong resilience and enormous vitality, and that is why the international institutions generally forecast that China would become the only economy maintaining positive growth this year.

The recovery and stabilization of China’s economy is no doubt good news to the world economy. At the 12th BRICS Summit and APEC CEO Dialogues, President Xi Jinping expounded on the connotation of China’s new development paradigm and its international significance.

He also stressed that, under the new development paradigm, the potential of the Chinese market will be fully tapped, China’s door to the outside world will become more open, and China’s cooperation with the rest of the world will be deepened.

£ We will be more integrated into the global market and act more actively to deepen cooperation with other parties to create more opportunities and room for world economic recovery and development,” the spokesperson added.