China has no Conspiracy in the Indian Ocean Region

By Jin Shi, Ting Zhao, Xiaoran Fu & Wei Zong

In recent years, some observers claimed that China is planning to set up military bases in the Indian Ocean Region, potentially targeting at Indian Ocean countries such as Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, etc. Negative emotions towards China are generated in concerned countries of the Indian Ocean Region due to these comments. Accordingly, China may have been mistaken as ambitious neo-colonial country, which even affects the bilateral relations between China and concerned countries including Pakistan. It is reflected that fewer observers try to demonize China instead of being positive to treat Eastern civilizations with 5000 years of history that are completely different from their own civilizations.

Some observers believe that China’s economic activities carried in Pakistan are aimed at enslaving Pakistan, especially in its Southern Gwadar Port which has been leased to China. Actually, Pakistan is a democratic country with sound legislations and regulations. It should be pointed out that China’s investment and trade activities in Pakistan do not have any difference with that of any country in the world, such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, etc. They all aim at common economic interests, and are effectively monitored by Pakistan’s legislation and regulations. Pakistan is a big power of the Indian Ocean, and the Pakistani people are hardworking people. Both Pakistani people and Chinese are sharing many social, economic and cultural similarities; it is China’s sincere hope to jointly develop Gwadar Port with Pakistani people and to make the country become the second Dubai or Singapore in a short period.

What should be pointed out here is that Pakistan has marched into a new period of peaceful development after its government’s successful victory in violent terrorist activities in recent years. China is a peace-loving country. Decades ago, China had also experienced chronic state of civil wars, thus, Chinese cherish peace and are willing to pursue a peaceful development environment at any cost. The view of Chinese people is quite simple and easy to understand that economic development is the foundation of a country’s prosperity, and peace is the cornerstone of economic development. Thus, without peace, the country will be like a mirage. Therefore, China is not only delighted with Pakistan’s return of domestic peace, but also believes that it is necessary to promote the common economic development between China, Pakistan and other countries through closer economic cooperation. Thus it will lay a solid foundation for world peace and development.

As mentioned above, China has experienced poverty and backwardness, as well as long-term foreign invasion and internal warfare. Therefore, the Chinese people abhor poverty, backwardness and war most. China has been the second largest economy in the world since 2010 and its comprehensive national strength is constantly improving. China is willing to share its development experience with other countries including Pakistan. Of course, the cooperation between China and Pakistan is carried out on the basis of equality and mutual benefits. China is willing to accept the supervision and the different opinions from Pakistan, which is beneficial to the cooperation between the two countries. We know that without the support of the Pakistani people, China’s investment will not pay off in Pakistan.

All of China’s activities in the Indian Ocean Region are transparent. China does not have the ability or intention to colonize any Indian Ocean country, let alone any military intention. China believes in economic development and has no interest in enslaving any Indian Ocean country. China supports the investment activities carried by other countries in the Indian Ocean Region, such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. We also welcome other countries to promote the economic development in Indian Ocean countries jointly. There are no Conspiracy of China’s activities in the Indian Ocean Region and we believe that the prosperity of the peaceful Indian Ocean Region is common interest of the international community.

(Jin Shi, Scholar, Yunnan Land and Resources Vocational College, P.R. China; Ting Zhao, Scholar, Yunnan University, P.R. China; Xiaoran FU, Scholar, Yunnan Minzu University ,Wei Zong, Scholar, Universiti Putra, Malaysia)