China highlights media’s responsibility against COVID19: Spokesperson

BEIJING, November 26 (INP): A spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian said the fourth China-Arab Media Cooperation Forum was organised to highlight the media’s responsibility in enhancing common development against COVID-19.

The Forum was held this week under the framework of the CASCF via video link.

He told newsmen here that Xu Lin, Director of the Information Office of the State Council, ministers and officials in charge of press affairs of governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, and Lebanon, and major media representatives attended the forum.
They held discussions and exchanges under the theme of “media’s responsibility in enhancing the common development of China and Arab States against COVID-19.

According to the spokesperson, this meeting was an important step to implement the outcomes of the ninth ministerial meeting of the CASCF held in July this year.
It fully reflects the firm determination of the news departments of China and Arab States to act from a sense of responsibility, build consensus, use their voices to foster an enabling atmosphere of public opinion for mutually beneficial cooperation, and spread positive energy of fairness, justice, mutual benefit and win-win results. Communication builds bridges and trust is the cornerstone of cooperation.
The Media Forum will lay a solid foundation for the next-phase cooperation between the two sides in the press sector and various other fields.

At present, the pandemic is still spreading worldwide, but as State Councilor Wang Yi said, “the friendship and cooperation between China and Arab states will not be stopped by COVID-19”.
Since this year’s ministerial meeting, the two sides have successfully held a series of online events, including the second meeting of health experts and experience-sharing session on how China addresses the economic impact of the COVID-19.
The China-Arab Research Center on Reform and Development will also convene an online meeting for experts to discuss “jointly building a community with a shared future for China and Arab States” and “developing a multilateral dialogue platform for the Gulf region”.
We believe that China-Arab relations, with the strong boost from various CASCF mechanisms, will make greater strides and live up to the shared expectations of the Chinese and Arab people, he added.