China issues policy-statement on its future role in UN 

BEIJING, September 16 (INP): China issued a policy-statement on its future role in the United Nations, assuring all-out support for achieving the World body’s mission, ensuring a better life of the people.  

As the UN marks its 75th anniversary, China says as a major country, it will fulfill its responsibility to accomplishing the mission and charter of bringing global peace and prosperity at the world-level. 

The statement (Position-paper) issued here by the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated “The COVID-19 pandemic is compounding the once-in-a-century transformations unfolding in our world. We are entering a period of turbulence and change, and witnessing the rise of protectionism, unilateralism and bullying practices.  

Certain countries and political forces keep playing the blame game, clamoring for “decoupling”, and pulling out of international organizations and agreements. What they are doing is sabotaging international cooperation, stoking confrontation between ideologies and social systems, and putting the world in serious jeopardy. 

In this context, all countries need to look beyond the pandemic and find answers to major questions such as what the world will look like and what kind of UN the world needs. We should all work together to draw a new and better blueprint for the sake of succeeding generations. 

As the world battles COVID-19, it is all the more important to renew the founding mission of the UN, forge international consensus on building a community with a shared future for mankind, and build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity. 

In view of the weaknesses and deficiencies exposed by COVID-19, we need to improve the governance system for public health security.  

We need to respond more quickly to public health emergencies and establish global and regional reserve centers of anti-epidemic supplies. We need to increase policy dialogue and exchange.  

All parties should put people’s life and health front and center, place public health security high on the international agenda, and build a global community of health for all.” 

In the detailed statement, China called for strengthening solidarity and rejecting any politicization or stigmatization associated with COVID-19.  

“We should fully leverage the key leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO), and take concerted global action to combat the disease.  

The impact of COVID-19 on developing countries deserves great attention from the international community. There must be joint actions to help countries in need pool resources to tackle COVID-19, stabilize the economy, and realize the SDGs as planned. 

China is working with other G20 members to implement the Debt Service Suspension Initiative for the poorest countries. And we call for debt suspension over a longer time-frame. We need to bolster support for the hardest-hit countries under the greatest debt strain, and encourage international financial institutions and private creditors to take concrete actions to help this effort.” 

While deliberating upon various world’s issue, the statement further stated, that China strongly opposes any unfounded threat or use of force, unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction.  

The Palestinian issue is at the heart of the Middle East issue. China supports the Palestinian people’s efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state that enjoys full sovereignty on the basis of the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.  

Political settlement is also the only way forward for AfghanistanChina supports the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process. We encourage and support broad-based and inclusive dialogue and talks among relevant parties in Afghanistan, and hope that they will make independent decisions on the country’s future. 

Bearing in mind that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”, nuclear-weapon states should abandon nuclear deterrence policies based on preemptive moves, reduce the role of nuclear weapons in national security policy, stop developing and deploying global anti-ballistic missile systems, and prevent weaponization and arms race in the outer space.  

Global cooperation is needed to address non-traditional security threats. We must guard against the resurgence of terrorism around the world. International counter-terrorism cooperation can only be strengthened, not weakened. Combating terrorism requires a holistic strategy that addresses both the symptoms and root causes to remove its breeding ground.  

China follows a path of peaceful development. We have never sought invasion, territorial expansion or spheres of influence. We are committed to developing friendship and cooperation with all countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence.  

At the same time, we will firmly defend China‘s sovereignty and dignity, uphold China‘s legitimate rights and interests, and safeguard international justice and equity.”