China lauds Pakistan’s support on issue of human rights

ISLAMABAD, Nov. 8 (INP): Pakistan extended full support to China on the issue of Human Rights at the third round of the Universal Periodic Review led by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in Geneva.

During the meeting, besides Pakistan 120 countries gave their positive feedback, indicating they valued China’s achievements in promoting and protecting human rights.

Le Yucheng, China’s vice-minister of foreign affairs who led the Chinese delegation at the meeting lauded the overwhelming support, extended by Pakistan and other friendly countries to this effect, says a message received here on Thursday.

In response to alleged concerns about the rights of ethnic groups, especially those in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Le said “In accordance with the needs of the fight against terrorism, the Chinese government has launched training projects in Xinjiang, which aim to help a small number of people who are influenced by extremism, to get rid of terror and extreme thoughts and to return to society as soon as possible.

It is to prevent them from becoming terrorist perpetrators and victims, instead of taking action after these people becoming terrorists who endanger others and society. This is to protect the human rights of the majority, and, at the same time, it is also to save this small group of people.”

Le said China’s human rights development had been successful because it adheres to the nation’s development path and national conditions.

“China is committed to building and improving its legal, policy, and administrative systems for the promotion and protection of human rights,” Li said.

“China pursues the vision, practice, and development path of human rights with Chinese characteristics, taking the national conditions as the foundation, the people as the center, developing as the priority, the rule of law as the criterion, and openness as the driving force.”