China Model Sole Key For Pakistan To Curb COVID-19: Experts

ISLAMABAD, Mar. 26 (INP): To combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Pakistan must take the China Model to make it’s fight against the epidemic successful, said health experts.

According to a report published by Gwadar Pro App, they said China is credited by World Health Organization (WHO) for effective response and speedy measures to reduce the impacts of COVID-19, which allows Pakistan and entire world to brace for coronavirus havocs.

In the face of virus, China dared put at least 50 million people under mandatory quarantine in Hubei Province to save the rest of world. China built hospitals dedicated to COVID-19 treatment in Wuhan, sent healthcare workers from around the country to Hubei to care for the sick and traced confirmed cases. China also closed schools, businesses and theaters, and cancelled all kinds of gathering including sporting events.

Since Wuhan, epicenter of the virus outbreak, was put on lockdown on January 23, government officials across the province gradually ramped up efforts to keep residents inside their houses.

Apartment compounds allowed people to go in and out through one gate, each household was permitted to only send one person out once every three days to purchase groceries. Everyone must take temperature check at the entrance.

The Hubei government ordered community officials to enforce “the strictest, around-the-clock, closed-end management” of all residential complexes, requiring purchasers of cold medicine to disclose their temperature, address and identification number at the pharmacy.

To further cut down on people’s needs to leave their houses, many community officials bought and delivered groceries and medication for the residents in their jurisdiction.

Many cities carried out fine management in which large neighborhoods were changed into smaller grid like units responsible for enforcing regulations. Community workers known as grid workers, were supposed to screen each person’s temperature as they entered the complex.

They were allowed to call the local police for backup if anyone refused to cooperate with temperature checks or quarantine orders.

China also used a number of apps designed to record the whereabouts of millions of travelers. Some cities required passengers to provide their names, phone numbers and traveling history to local authorities before disembarking from trains or planes.

State industries redirected production toward essential goods and medical supplies. Workers who could do their jobs from home, and service employees were deployed in parallel industries like delivery to keep employment and wages up. At no point were daily necessities hard to come by — yes, even toilet paper.

The report noted that Pakistan both at federal and provincial level already started taking steps, following the China’s model.

In this connection, the report particularly mentioned the statements of President and Prime Minister in which the Chins Model was cited for overcoming the epidemic.