China not to compromise on its territorial rights in Hong Kong: Spokesperson

BEIJING, November 11 (INP): China will never  compromise on its territorial rights and constitutional authority in Hong Kong.

This was stated by a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry at a regular news briefing.

He was commenting on the recent media’s that US has sanctioned four more Chinese officials over the Hong Kong-related national security law.

The spokesperson said the relevant act of the US side has blatantly meddled in Hong Kong affairs, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations.

,” We firmly opposes and strongly condemns this. China is a country under the rule of law, and the HKSAR is a society under the rule of law.

When national security in Hong Kong is undermined and confronted with real threats and the SAR government had difficulty in completing national security legislation on its own, the Central Government has established and improved at the state level a legal system and enforcement mechanisms to safeguard the HKSAR’s national security.

The Law on Safeguarding National Security in Hong Kong targets a very small number of criminals who gravely jeopardize national security and protects the law-abiding Hong Kong residents, who represent the vast majority.

The Central Government firmly supports the relevant departments and personnel of the HKSAR government in fulfilling their duties in accordance with law.

Hong Kong is part of China and its affairs are entirely China’s internal affairs which allow no foreign interference.

China urges the US side to immediately stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs, immediately lift the so-called sanctions and refrain from going further down the wrong path.”