China-Pak enjoy great potential to develop agricultural cooperation: Reports Gwadar Pro

BEIJING, Mar. 18(INP): China, Pakistan enjoy great potential to develop their cooperative partnership in agriculture sector, reports Gwadar Pro App quoting Chinese Economic Expert Prof. Cheng Xizhong.

About 2,650 boxes of Pakistani kinnow, after a month-long sea transport, recently reached Northeast China’s Dalian port. This marked the first successful entry of Pakistani kinnow into the Chinese market for the past three years.

According to Prof. Cheng, fruits exported to China must meet the sanitary and phytosanitary requirements and must be included in the list of permitted imports. If the orchard registration procedures are complete, it is more convenient for the goods to be inspected and cleared.

Chinese like fruits, and more and more people tend to enjoy quality fruits such as Pakistani citrus and kinnow.

As the Chinese saying goes, the efficacy of one citrus equals to that of four kinds of traditional Chinese herbs. Citruses, oranges and kinnows are not just favorite fruits for Chinese people. Also, they are of many benefits in nutrition and health care.

According to the therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), eating citruses, oranges and kinnows has seven advantages, namely, to stimulate evacuation of the bowels, to lower cholesterol, to refresh yourself, to support a healthy cardiovascular system, to make people look young and beautiful, to protect people from cancers, and to provide adjuvant treatment for diseases.

Many might throw away the orange peel. That is a pity. The peel of citruses, oranges and kinnows has nine therapeutic and health care effects.

China and Pakistan enjoy a comprehensive cooperative relationship, and their economies are highly complementary. There are many products that China and Pakistan can cooperate on, especially in the field of agriculture.

Pakistan borders on Xinjiang, China. The construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has created good opportunities for Pakistan to carry out agricultural cooperation with Xinjiang. Pakistan has rich agricultural production resources and broad agricultural market.

Xinjiang has advanced agricultural technology and certain investment strength. Pakistan and Xinjiang are both traditional agricultural production areas. Therefore, there is a great potential for both sides to cooperate in agriculture, the report added.