China-Pak Youth Exchange Community hands out relief packages to poor families

ISLAMABAD, May 28 (INP) China-Pak Youth Exchange Community, organized by Chinese enterprises in Pakistan, distributed relief packages to 1,000 poor families in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The package contains food items such as wheat flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil and tea, sufficient for the basic needs of a four-member family for one month.

According to China Economic Net, since the outbreak of the pandemic in Pakistan, the China-Pak Youth Exchange Community has started to raise living materials,” said Wang Lu, a member of the Community, adding that the relief packages were distributed to the disabled, widowers, widows, orphans and other poor families.
The distribution has been strongly supported by the local government and the people.

In order to distribute livelihood supplies to needy families as soon as possible, Vice Chairman, Board of Investment, Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Nazeem-ul-Ameen, made plans and organized the team to distribute the relief packages.

He appreciated the generous donation, saying that “People are touched by this friendship! Thanks for the hard work. With a serious and responsible attitude, we have completed the distribution task wholeheartedly, and implemented the hearts and minds of our Chinese brothers to needy families”.

Earlier, the China-Pak Youth Exchange Community has distributed more than 2,200 relief packages in Islamabad, Lahore and other areas of Pakistan.

“Basically, we get up around 4 o’clock in the morning, and start to purchase materials and pack them,” Wang said, team volunteers had to drive for more than ten hours every day in order to distribute supplies to poor families as early as possible.

“These supplies present good wishes of the Chinese brothers. No matter how hard or tired we are, it’s worth it,” said Zaheer Wali, a Pakistani volunteer who took part in the distribution. “The more packages we distribute, the more poor families can get help from Chinese brothers, and the more families can also avoid hunger,” he added.

About the distribution, Raja Nazeem-ul-Ameen said that the local government highly praised the donation of Chinese volunteers, which demonstrated the brotherly bond and sincere friendship between China and Pakistan.
The donation at this difficult time helped the local poor families dispel the fear of material shortage and enhance their confidence in overcoming the pandemic.