China provides numerous opportunities for women’s economic participation

Islamabad, January 24 (INP): China is providing numerous opportunities and opening new venues for women’s economic participation within Pakistan, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Monday.

The report says, ” We must take the necessary steps to tap this potential for our women. We should learn from China where almost 70% of women are participating in the Chinese economy.

China drafted and implemented egalitarian policies for men and women. Chinese women are given rights to equal pay and equal work. China has successfully liberated their women from conservative and patriarchal values.

The service and care-taking industries have played a major role in women’s increased participation in the labour force. The values and roles of the “social person” were redefined and reconfigured and women rapidly ascended in the various economic fields.

Our governments must show commitment to liberating women from tribal and feudal oppressive shackles. Political decisions like that of the Chinese Communist Party must be taken and gender revaluations must be advocated at the national level so that women make up their minds and start their journey to the market.

Political decisions and policies provide guidelines but there remains the problem of opportunities to actualize these political decisions. At this point, again, China’s Belt and Road Initiative particularly the projects under the umbrella of CPEC help us.
CPEC is providing employment and livelihood opportunities in the underdeveloped and backward areas of Pakistan.
Sindhi and Balochi women and girls have now the opportunity of schooling and working in various enterprises. When the women from poor families work in a safe environment and contribute to the family income, the males of the family are liberalized and began to tolerate that their women are going outside homes and working with other males.
There is a fact that economic development leads to social transformation and people become broad-minded.

As the world economic trends are changing and the economy has become technology-intensive, the role of female education becomes critical in women’s economic development.

The major obstacle in women’s economic development is the cultural norms and so-called honour claims, the report added.

It was further stated that this situation must be changed if we want to develop our economy on the modern lines. Our policymakers and reformers are in confusion in finding the starting point.

China is much appreciated by our public and people want to imitate Chinese examples and models of economic development.

The anti-China sentiments and perceptions are non-existent in Pakistan. This is a great opportunity both for China and Pakistan. We can capitalize this favourable pro-China thinking and put our valuable women on the right track of economic development.

Chinese example shows that China strictly implemented the laws about compulsory education that benefited girls and women.

Female education in China has changed the preferences and priorities of women. Education has made them able to decide their fates in work and family. By participating in the job market they have become independent and self-reliant.

These autonomous educated women are now able to promote and empower their next generation. Just like China, we should restructure our economy. The most favourable economic fields for women in Pakistan are agriculture, service industry and crafts.