China provides ‘vital guidance’ to Pakistan as educational institutions reopen

Islamabad, Sep. 16 (INP): Iron Brother China is providing ‘vital guidance’ to Pakistan as it reopens the educational institutions across the country, said Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood.

He told Gwadar Pro that Pakistan had been seeking suggestions from the all-weather friend China as Beijing had more experience after defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.

After overcoming the corona virus with an extraordinary determination, China returned millions of children to schools to resume normal education.   

 “We have done great (against the pandemic) but we don’t have resources like China. Even before we announced reopening of the educational institutions (on September 15), we benefited from China’s expertise. Their inputs can be termed vital guidance,” he said.

Shafqat Mahmood said like all other sectors, China had been supporting Pakistan in the field of the education and helped establishing around 50 vocational centers in Pakistan, equipping the youth with technical skills.

The Minister said that China was time-tested friend of Pakistan and lauded its support in resolving the current challenges being faced by the country.

 “The two countries have long-lasting relations, which were now deepening and strengthening with the passage of time. People to people connection of both the countries were good,” he said.

Pakistan had to learn a lot from the experiences of China. The minister appreciated that China had achieved the target of pulling out its 100 million people out of the poverty since last 40 years.

“We are taking advantage of China’s friendship. They are very highly supportive and we can progress with their help,” he added.