China pushes forward the agenda of technological prosperity

Muhammad Zamir Assadi

The speech delivered by President Xi Jinping through a congratulatory letter have a great practicality and significance regarding the current challenges of technological progress around the globe.

The commitment and resolve President Xi means that China is well prepared, ready and open to work with international community with respect to technological development.

It shows that China will be strengthening its global partnerships in advancing and safeguarding the common interests of cyber world.

China is stepping and gearing up all its efforts to help the international community in protecting the digital rights meant to respect digital sovereignty and security for all.

Through this Wuzhen Internet conference, China has always pushed forward the agenda of deepening technological cooperation for all with the purpose of improving digital governance.

Global community deserves the shared benefits of modern technological era and China has vowed to share its achievements by negating the protectionism and unilateral approach of containing technological development.

The speech by President Xi also shows that the participation and contribution of China in modern world for the development of new technologies will be broadened and shared with the partners of development and technological prosperity.

The passion and commitment of technological openness by China aims to push the progress of internet industry worldwide for improvement of digital economy that is the need of the era.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, need of the time is to enhance digital connectivity of economies around the globe for the facilitation of trade and economic activities and it need to be done with the speed of high speed train to gain the benefits of digitalization.

The inspirational achievements of China along the digital Silk Road has attracted the attention of international community for more deepened cooperation in digital dynamics.

The joint working collaboration and mechanisms with the theme of connectivity will lead to the developed and secure cyber world and with the leading and facilitated role of China, the path of digital autonomy may be gained smoothly in the near future.