China rejects US’s criticism on CPC

BEIJING, October 26 (INP): Chinese Foreign Ministry  rejected the uncalled for USA’s criticism on Communist Party of China (CPC).

A Ministry’s spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a news briefing, that for some time, several U.S. politicians including Pompeo has been making all kinds of lie to viciously attack the CPC, hype up ideological confrontation.

Pompeo and some other U.S. officials attacked the CPC on multiple occasions, saying the CPC is the biggest threat the world faces.

The spokesperson said, ” hysteria of Pompeo and his like will only rally the Chinese people’s greater support for the CPC and the Chinese government.

According to surveys conducted by international authoritative institutions, the Chinese people’s satisfaction and trust toward the CPC-led Chinese government’s exceeds 90 percent, ranking the top among all governments across the world.

As you see, this year, under the strong leadership of the CPC, the Chinese people stayed united and achieved strategic victory in fighting the virus. According to a Singaporean poll, the Chinese people’s satisfaction and confidence toward the CPC and the Chinese government has reached a historical high after this fight.

The international community won’t be fooled by Pompeo’s lies, either. Not long ago, on the 99th anniversary of the CPC’s founding, more than 100 political parties across the globe sent congratulatory letters and messages to China.

They made objective and positive remarks on the CPC, saying that since its founding, it has made great endeavors and sacrifice for national independence and prosperity as well as people’s liberation and happiness. The CPC has revitalized the time-honored nation.

Many people outside China believe that led by the CPC, China has been upholding peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit, sticking to the diplomatic principle of safeguarding world peace and promoting common development, proactively participating in international and regional affairs, and making major contributions to world development.

People can tell right from wrong. Certain U.S. politicians should face up to and heed the rational, impartial calls from the international community, view in an objective manner China’s achievements and contributions under the CPC leadership, and stay away from the narrow-minded anti-China approach which will only make them standing against the world and the trend of the times.”