China says it’s position on COVID-19 is consistent and clear

BEIJING, January 29 (INP): China’s position on issues related to COVID-19 is consistent and clear, said here a Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian at a regular news briefing.

He stressed three points. First, the novel coronavirus is the common enemy of all mankind. It respects no races or nationalities.

The WHO and the international community have explicitly expressed their opposition to linking the virus with any specific country or region.

Second, origin-tracing is a matter that must be approached with the utmost prudence and must be studied by scientists worldwide.

China also firmly opposes the wrong acts of pinning labels on the virus and politicizing the pandemic.

Third, China hopes the US will succeed in containing the virus at an early date, and stands ready to work with the US and the rest of the international community to advance global anti-epidemic cooperation.