China says President Alvi’s visit of great significance

BEIJING, Mar.19 (INP) President Arif Alvi’s visit to China holds great significance, and re-demonstrated the existing deep-rooted friendship between the two countries, spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry Geng shuang said.

Commenting on the visit, the spokesperson said, ” President Alvi’s visit to China came at a special moment when the Chinese government and people are striving for the final victory in fighting against COVID-19, which once again demonstrates the special iron-clad friendship between China and Pakistan. China attaches great importance to this visit.

President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Li Zhanshu held talks and meetings with President Alvi respectively. The two sides also issued a joint statement to demonstrate the consensus reached by the two sides.

The spokesperson added, ” this visit fully showcases China and Pakistan’s relationship as iron-clad friends. President Alvi told his Chinese l that Pakistan considers its relationship with China a very special one. Pakistani leaders and people all support President Alvi’s visit to China at this time.

The main purpose was to demonstrate their support and confidence for Chinese friends, to show the international community the notable progress China has made in fighting the epidemic, and to showcase China’s positive contribution to global public health security.

Second, this visit demonstrates the fine tradition of mutual assistance between China and Pakistan. Right after the epidemic broke out, Pakistan mobilized the whole nation to provide assistance to China, which we will never forget.
“Receiving drips of water when in need, and I shall return the kindness with a spring.” Reciprocating an act of kindness is our nation’s fine tradition.

Now the situation in China is getting better and the number of confirmed cases in Pakistan has increased. The Chinese leadership has made it clear that we will do all we can to support our Pakistani friends.

Following the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, we will continue to provide full assistance and support to the Pakistani people in response to the epidemic, the locust plague and other challenges.

Third, this visit has deepened strategic mutual trust and consolidated practical cooperation between China and Pakistan.

The two leaders exchanged in-depth views on the experience of epidemic prevention and control, coordination of epidemic response and socio-economic development, response to external economic and financial risks and deepening of major cooperation including on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The two sides also signed an MOU on the establishment of working groups specialized in science and technology as well as agriculture under the CPEC Joint Cooperation Committee, and agreed to expand cooperation in related areas under the CPEC framework.

A series of strategic consensuses reached during this visit will surely further deepen China-Pakistan all-round cooperation.

Although the visit is short in duration, it is paid at a special time and of great significance, and has effectively enhanced China-Pakistan traditional friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation.

In the course of jointly tackling COVID-19 and the plague of locusts, China and Pakistan have stood together and helped each other and there have been many touching stories. It is this friendship deeply cherished in people’s hearts that provides the most solid foundation for China-Pakistan relations and sets an example for the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

It is believed that tested by the epidemics and other challenges, the iron-clad friendship between China and Pakistan will grow stronger and deeper, which will inject even stronger impetus into the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries, ” reports China Economic Net.