China Sees 7 Imported COVID-19 Cases From Pakistan

BEIJING,, Mar. 26 (INP): China’s Guangzhou city saw the fifth confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) imported from Pakistan, bringing the tally to seven, all Chinese nationals, across China.

Gwadar Pro App quoting Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, stated that the fifth patient, a 53-year-old man, had trips in Pakistan recently. He had the same trajectory of flights with the other four confirmed cases of COVID-19 imported from Pakistan reported in Guangzhou on Monday.

On March 20, the patient took off from Islamabad by fight TG 350(seat number 43F) to Bangkok, Thailand and then transferred to flight TG 668(seat number 54G).

On March 21, he arrived at China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, where he was screened for coronavirus and sent to a centralized quarantine point for medical observation while waiting for transfer.

On March 22, his nucleic acid test result was negative. However, on March 23, the twice rechecks of his nucleic acid test turned positive for the COVID-19.

So he was sent to a local hospital for quarantine and medical treatment. On March 24, his CT examination result showed he was suffering from a pneumonia. After a consultation of experts, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

By March 24, four people had been initially identified as close contacts with the patient, and had been sent to a centralized quarantine point for medical observation.

On March 23, Guangzhou city reported four newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 imported from Pakistan.

On March 20, the four patients took off from Islamabad to Bangkok, Thailand. They arrived on March 21 at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. On March 22, the four tested positive for the COVID-19.

Besides the five confirmed cases of COVID-19 imported from Pakistan reported in Guangzhou city, there was one case reported in China’s Shandong province and Beijing Municipality respectively.

The patient reported in Shandong province is a 62-year-old male. The case reported in Beijing is a 27-year-old translator.

As the pandemic is spreading across the world, Chinese authorities lately deployed measures to guard against imported cases of COVID-19 and a rebound in domestically transmitted cases.

Upholding the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, China has started to provide assistances to other countries in urgent need within its capacity.

In addition to intergovernmental assistance at the state level, local governments and enterprises in China have taken action and donated supplies to the worst-affected countries.

According to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the local governments have donated medical supplies to subnational governments in 19 countries, including Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Chinese companies have also donated goods to 20 countries.