China takes new initiatives protecting human rights

BEIJING, Nov 13 (INP): China has recently taken a number of initiatives to ensure protection of human rights, said a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying at a weekly news conference.

She briefed the media about China’s participation in the third round of national human rights deliberation of the UN Human Rights Council.

Chinese delegation submitted a national human rights report to the review-meeting, which comprehensively introduced China’s new achievements and new progress in promoting and protecting human rights, and announced 30 new initiatives to be taken in the field of human rights.

According to the spokesperson, on November 9, the UN Human Rights Council meeting unanimously adopted China’s participation in the third round of national human rights review reports. The overall content of the report is objective and balanced.

It records the recommendations made by the parties during the review, including poverty eradication, rule of law construction, innovation and development, employment promotion, protection of people’s livelihood, protection of special groups such as women and children, religious affairs management, anti-terrorism, climate change and Sustainable development, South-South cooperation, human rights education, national human rights action plans, double standards against human rights, and international human rights cooperation.

China attaches great importance to the relevant recommendations in the review report. We are grateful to the overwhelming majority of representatives of the countries for their positive evaluation and support for China.

They will be serious, responsible and in-depth research on these recommendations, and will give feedback when the Human Rights Council approves the report next year.

She pointed out that in this review, 150 UN member states signed up to create a national human rights review record.

Representatives from more than 120 countries highly praised and fully affirmed China’s achievements in promoting and protecting human rights.

The great achievement is that China is “the fastest-growing country in the past 30 years” and has written “a vivid human rights story and made an important contribution to the cause of human rights in the world.”

In their speeches, many representatives supported China’s choice of development path in line with its own national conditions, appreciated China’s important role in safeguarding the interests of the people of developing countries, supported China’s human rights proposition, and expressed its willingness to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning with China.

This fully shows that China’s progress in the field of human rights is real. China’s adherence to the human rights development path and direction in line with its own national conditions is correct. China has made significant contributions to the cause of human rights in the world.

Before and during this review, there were also some western countries that ignored the facts and slandered China for political purposes and ideological prejudice.

We urge relevant countries to look at China and respect the political system and development path that the Chinese people choose independently.

We resolutely oppose and never accept that any country, anyone for political purposes, attempts to interfere in China’s internal affairs through human rights issues and undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, she added.

China will continue to follow the path of development in line with its own national conditions.