China to distribute more anti-COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries

BEIJING, January 21(INP): China is looking forward to seeing concrete actions from all sides to distribute more vaccines to developing countries and promote vaccines’ equitable distribution and use worldwide, so that the day that sees our final victory over the virus will come sooner.

This was announced here by the spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying at a news briefing.

The announcement said, ” We always maintain that as the virus respects no borders and all mankind are connected with a shared future, solidarity and cooperation is our most powerful weapon against the pandemic. The international community already agrees on this.

Vaccine is our silver bullet for epidemic prevention and control and for our ultimate victory against the virus.

The international community is now focusing on such cooperation. President Xi Jinping’s pledge at the 73rd WHA, that China’s vaccines, once developed and deployed, will be made a global public good and help to realize the accessibility and affordability of COVID vaccines in developing countries, has been well received worldwide.

The idea of making COVID vaccines a global public good, recognized and supported by increasing number of countries, has been incorporated in the outcome documents of many important international organizations.

China is among the front-runners in vaccine R&D, with one Chinese vaccine given conditional approval for general public use and several others currently undergoing clinical trials of various stages.

They are important pillars buttressing China’s fight against the pandemic and participation in international vaccine cooperation.

Right now, public vaccination is underway in China with priority groups being the first to receive the shots.

While striving to meet our huge domestic demand, we’ve been trying our best to advance vaccine cooperation with other countries through various means, especially with developing countries, to offer them much-needed support and help, in concrete steps to implement President Xi’s commitment.

First, Chinese companies are conducting joint vaccine R&D with partners in a dozen countries, including clinical trials and co-production.

As a result of such cooperation, Chinese companies have offered vaccines to partner countries. Mutually beneficial cooperation of this kind has not only promoted vaccine R&D on the Chinese side, but also contributed to making the vaccines more affordable and accessible in developing countries.

Second, for countries that are in urgent need of vaccines, have certified Chinese vaccines, or authorized their emergency use, Chinese companies have started to export vaccines or to discuss relevant cooperation with them, most of which being developing countries.

The UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, among others, have authorized the use of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines.

Third, China has formally joined WHO-backed vaccine programmed COVAX, supports G20 in promoting international vaccine cooperation, and upholds the role of multilateral cooperation in advancing the global equitable distribution of vaccines.

So far, over 40 countries have asked to import Chinese vaccines. As the production capacity expands, China will be able to gradually offer more to countries in need.

The international community speaks highly of China’s efforts to promote international vaccine cooperation.

Many countries believe that China is acting on its pledge of making vaccines a public good. Currently Chinese companies are actively discussing cooperation with COVAX. We are ready to contribute to accessibility and affordability of COVID vaccines in developing countries through this initiative.

The general public in those partner countries have also expressed thanks for offering them support and easing their immediate difficulties despite the high demand at home.

Many state leaders have set an example for their people by receiving Chinese vaccines, including, as you may have noted from media reports, Turkish President Erdogan and Vice President Oktay, Seychelles President Ramkalawan, Jordanian Prime Minister Khasawneh, Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Bahrain Crown Prince and Prime Minister Salman. Serbian President Vucic went to the airport for the arrival of Chinese vaccines and expressed his readiness to get vaccinated. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Facebook that he would be the first in the country to receive a shot of the China-made vaccine.

Peruvian President Sagasti also said he would like to be inoculated with the Chinese vaccine.

The virus is still wreaking havoc around the world, and it is no time to slacken our prevention and control efforts. All need to pitch in if we are to meet the demands of all countries, especially developing ones.”