China upholds rule of law without discrimination: Spokesperson

BEIJING, December 18 (INP): A spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin said, China is a country with rule of law where everyone stands equal in front of the law. No individual or organization is above the law.

This is the true meaning of rule of law. China’s judicial authorities handle cases in accordance with law and protect the suspects and defendants’ lawful rights, he said at a news briefing.

The spokesman was responding to the statement of UN human rights expert Mary Lawlor who had termed China’s crackdown on rights defenders a shocking display of disregard for human rights.

He added, “The alleged cases of “disappearance” or “torture” are simply non-existent.

We urge the special procedures of the Human Rights Council to abide by purposes and principles of the UN Charter, fulfill their mandate in a just and objective manner, stop meddling in other countries’ domestic affairs and judicial sovereignty, and take concrete actions to help advance the sound development of the international human rights cause.”