China vehemently rejected U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo’s allegations

BEIJING, January 19 (INP): A spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying vehemently rejected U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo’s anti-China stance on various issues.

Here at a news briefing, Hua Chunying said this top U.S. diplomat who prides himself on “lying, cheating and stealing” is determined to explore every corner of his “Lying Diplomacy”. What an extraordinary show of “Last-day Madness”.

Her attention was drawn towards a media’s report, according to which Pompeo posted dozens of tweets yesterday, recounting his “legacy” on China-related issues over the years and launching a full-on barrage at China over Xinjiang, human rights, COVID-19, and its political system.

The spokesperson added,  ” the political viruses and lies he created and spread, China has laid them bare with solid facts.

His anti-China show finds no audience and wins no hearts. Pompeo’s “Lying Diplomacy” has not only bankrupted his own reputation but also rendered irreversible damage to the national image and interests of the United States.

History will not fail us in delivering a just verdict on this person.

The so-called “legacy” he brags about is the very evidence to prove his guilt in meddling in China’s domestic affairs, undermining China-U.S. relations and damaging the American interests for his selfish gains.

This is clear for all to see. There have been many media commentaries on this. For example, as an American opinion piece pointed out, “Mike Pompeo has been engaged in an unseemly campaign of grandstanding on his way out of office, littering his official Twitter account with political slogans and boasts of his accomplishments.

Now, his self-serving theatrics are threatening to turn lethal.” He was also fiercely criticized this week by the editorial page of his home state Kansas which said his tenure had resulted in the world seeing the United States “with a mixture of sorrow, anger and pity.”

“America will be better when he leaves office”. Media in other countries, like Bangkok Post also commented that “when defeated armies are retreating, they always lay mines behind them if they have time.

That’s what Mike Pompeo has been doing”. As aptly pointed out by some U.S. media, Pompeo is leaving no bridges unburned. His real purpose as well as the consequences couldn’t be clearer”.