China’s poverty eradication emerges as a model for other countries

Muhammad Zamir Assadi:

During my journalism work in China, I have visited various provinces and regions of the 2nd largest economy of the world. I also got the opportunity to visit some of the counties who eradicated the absolute poverty following the guidelines of the central governments.

In my opinion China has set a splendid example in eradicating the poverty issue from across the country before the targeted goal of UN.

Eradication of poverty in China enabled the local people to pursue their happiness of life and to avail the good opportunities available around them to improve the quality of life.

I strongly believe that the eradication of extreme poverty in China in line with the United Nations (UN) 2030 agenda has served as inspiration to societies grappling with deprivation and inequality.

China’s success in poverty eradication has served as a model for developing countries in their quest for shared growth and prosperity.

Having witnessed China’s single-minded determination, it is time for the international community to dedicate itself more in eradicating poverty.

Phenomenal success in poverty alleviation is a reflection of Chinese people’s aspiration for a better life coupled with their indomitable will to overcome all bottlenecks along their path to greatness.