China’s success to reduce poverty could help Pakistan

Muhammad Zamir Assadi

BEIJING, Nov 13 (INP): China’s success to reduce poverty could help developing nations including Pakistan, stated Qian Hongshan, Vice Minister of the International Department of Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Addressing the journalists of South Asian and South East Asian countries, attending Asian media workshop organized by People’s Daily, Tsinghua University and international department of CPC, he said that deepening poverty alleviation efforts were driven by the “two wheels” approach – development – oriented poverty alleviation and the minimum living standard guarantee system.

He briefed the journalists about the achievements of China and role of CPC regarding Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), reforms and opening-up policies, poverty alleviation campaign including other various significant issues.

He said China has successfully alleviated more than 700 million people out of poverty following reforms and opening up policies launched 40 years ago under the leadership of former leader Deng Xioping.

“China is always open to help our partners in poverty alleviation while China’s formula to reduce poverty could help developing nations including Pakistan”, stated Qian Hongshan.

He said poverty alleviation efforts will be carried on through the development of healthcare, education and local industries for providing quality life to the people in China.

In the world’s largest developing country, the CPC and Chinese government have always been putting the Chinese people first, and attached great importance to poverty alleviation and development, which is regarded as the historical mission and major responsibility of the CPC and Chinese government.

Through government-led massive poverty alleviation and development work, China has more plans to support areas affected by extreme poverty, said Qian.

To achieve great success, one needs to have lofty ideals and work with diligence. It was added that the CPC, with serving the people whole heartedly as its purpose, has been working hard to lead the Chinese people to pursue a better life.

The poverty-stricken regions have taken on a new look of socioeconomic development, with poverty reduction as their major task, he told journalists.

While talking about BRI, he said that the initiative is an example of China’s determination to support globalization.
He added that BRI is a public good offered by China to the world has grown into the largest platform for international coordination and cooperation.

BRI aims to deliver benefits for all through meaningful and productive consultation and cooperation pursuing common prosperity and development of shared future of mankind.

In the initial five years, over 130 countries and international organizations have signed agreements on BRI.

He also added that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) had also started generating benefits for the people on both sides.

Commenting on reforms and opening up policies, he told journalists that these policies have helped China to develop at rapid scale and to emerge as 2nd largest economy of the world.