Chinese company to support Pakistan in cleanness drive

BEIJING, August 5 (INP): A Chinese company (app-Zapya) has announced that it will support Pakistan in its cleanness drive, particularly in city of Karachi.

The company said in a statement here on Monday that it will support Ali Zaidi’s initiative of cleaning up city of Karachi. The Chinese side will support the campaign through its technical support on social media, app-Zapya.

The company will motivate users to participate in this campaign. Following the announcement of clean Karachi campaign, Chinese company took the lead to support this campaign.

It noted that a cross-section of the people have already expressed their support for clean Karachi campaign.

Owing to significance of this campaign, Zapya decided to launch online campaign for its users to promote and show support for clean Karachi campaign. It will start from first day of campaign and will last for two weeks during the campaign.

In a recent post by Zapya official on social media announced to be part of Lets Clean Karachi by providing free online exposure to this campaign.

As per the announcement, promotion videos will be added to Zpaya app for Pakistani users to get latest updates about the campaign. It will also encourage users to participate in this campaign play their part as responsible citizen.

Cleaning Karachi is beyond any politics and is a social cause for the people of Karachi and Zapya will contribute from technological and promotional side to this campaign. Such campaigns will contribute to improvement of environmental issues in the region.

It will also contribute to Premier’s campaign to make Pakistan green. Zapya is willing to contribute for such campaigns in future to support green and healthy world.