Chinese envoy urges US to regard Afghanistan as place for cooperation

BEIJING, Dec 03 (INP): Newly appointed Chinese envoy to Afghanistan Wang Yu urged the United States to regard this country as a place for cooperation, rather than gaming.

In a detailed statement carried by China Economic Net on Tuesday, he said it is his great honour to serve as Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan and he was looking forward for peace and prosperity for the people this great nation.

He hoped that all the stake-holders of peace in Afghanistan including the USA will adopt a cooperative attitude to achieve the desired results.

Wang Yu refuted the recently statement of Alice Wells, US Deputy Assistance Secretary that ‘China has not been a real player in Afghanistan development’, that ‘China is not a provider of any significant grant assistance’ and that what China has done in cross-border railway, electricity lines, trade exchange and other regional connectivity initiatives lags behind Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Putting the record straight, he since 2001, China has joined the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan, with continuously increasing assistance and support.

The Jamhuriat Hospital, built with Chinese aid, is still Kabul’s largest public hospital. The building of the Chinese Department of Kabul University allows a large number of young students to study in bright and spacious classrooms.

Construction of the National Vocational Education and Training Centre has also been completed this year. Equipped with modern teaching facilities, the centre will help train more Afghan skilled talents.

In 2014, China pledged to provide RMB 2 billion in gratuitous aid to Afghanistan over the following four years. With the financial support, construction of the Kabul University’s comprehensive teaching building and auditorium is expected to complete next year, a low-cost housing project is scheduled to begin next year, and a solar power station is under construction in Bamyan Province.

These are just a few examples of Chinese assistance to Afghanistan and they serve as new drivers for socio-economic development here in Afghanistan.

It is fair to say that China has made great efforts for the peace and development in Afghanistan, with remarkable results, which have been fairly recognized by the Afghan people. China will continue supporting Afghanistan to the best of its ability.

We sincerely hope that the US will regard Afghanistan as a place for cooperation rather than gaming and devote all its actions and thinking to help Afghanistan develop better, he added.