CIIE injecting a momentum to global economic system

Visitors select imported goods presented at a bazaar that opened in the fourth China International Import Expo in Shanghai on Oct 5, 2021. [PHOTO BY YAN DAMING/FOR CHINA DAILY]

By Muhammad Zamir Assadi:

China International Import Expo (CIIE), the landmark and unique step of China in terms of enhancing the exports of its partner countries is emerging as a tool of injecting a new momentum to global economic system.

The concrete and practical step taken by China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping shows the comprehensive thought process of Chinese system in keeping the opening up of the country at its top agenda.

The number of participating countries, international organizations and regions is increasing every year that shows CIIE is offering a conducive environment of maintaining business ties with China consistently.

In the backdrop of ravaging impacts of COVID-19 since its beginning, international economic system and especially developing countries were looking forward to enhance their exports in international markets.

The rising trend of unilateralism and the approach of Zero-Sum game by western elements did not leave any good option for such countries to boost their exports.

In this scenario, CIIE emerged as a beacon of hope for poor and less developed countries in various parts of the world.

At the eve of 4th CIIE, the interest of international business on this platform have proven that global business community wants to tap the potential of Chinese market that is emerging as a desired destination for exports of various countries.

With the unique and splendid opportunities, CIIE has opened the new avenues of business relationship between Chinese market and international exporters and have laid a solid foundation of maintaining the long term and durable contacts.

The success of previous three editions of CIIE signals that the business entities across the globe have pushed forward the agenda of exploring economic potential of expanded Chinese market that is open for all.

CIIE has been making new strides in international economic system that has removed every kind of barriers for global exporters that have shown interest in further deepening their trade ties with Chinese flourishing market.

The expo offering valuable benefits for seizing new opportunities comprehensively has boosted the confidence and morale of the business minds attending CIIE from last three years who have gained huge success in showcasing their products globally.

The unique advantages of expo symbolizes that China have become a top priority market for international products landing in Chinese market by yielding huge number of benefits.

As the 2nd largest economy of the world, China has not only spoken the hollow words but taken and adopted the solid measures in helping its partner countries to enhance their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by exporting towards huge market of the world in terms of imports.

The particular importance of expo for developing countries has become very significant in the era of COVID19 when international economic system is facing recession and so called western developed countries are not showing positive trends towards imports.

Through CIIE, Chinese consumers have been enjoying quality international products and also emerging as a vital pillar for global growth.

The role played by Chinese consumers in the last years have become a genuine pillar of success for CIIE and the credit goes to China government for introducing more standard products of local consumption.

The prospects of CIIE for the international exporters attending the expo every year seem very promising as China’s opening-up measures are getting more stronger and stronger with the passage of the times aimed to facilitate international growth.

By creating a win-win situation for international exporters, increasing number of business entities attending expo is a strong rejection of unilateralism approach and a welcoming sign for broadening business ties with Chinese market.

The consistent conduct of expo in last years has put China in the leading role for boosting the international trade and integrate its economy with partner countries.

This shows that China is utilizing all its resources in promoting trade linkages between importers and exporters for the global economic recovery smoothly.

CIIE has embedded into a long term policy of China’s economic outlook that is bringing multilateral businesses together for the enormous market of the country and consumers.

The major visible and prominent factor appreciated at CIIE is that it had directly and indirectly connected the global business personalities and organizations that have been aggressively seeking to increase their market share and competitive edge in China.

The concept of exceptional expo have gained worldwide applause in fostering much robust growth domestically and internationally as it has generated brand awareness in the Chinese market that led towards up ticking imports ultimately beneficial for its partner countries.