Coke Studio 11 – ‘Mauj’ mesmerizes with Sindhi Siraiki musical chronicles of love

Monitoring, Sep 08 (INP) – Episode 5 of Coke studio 11 titled Mauj features some of the pacifying, innovative and fascinating regional melodies. All three songs were the epitome of classic musical nativity draped in sensational elegance and intriguing eloquence.

The fifth chapter Mauj  is a flamboyant treat to the ears, eyes and mind. The rural shades are blended well with urban hues.

To fan the flames of creativity from the region of Balochistan, the folk sensation Mangal along with Darehan and Shayan share stage with Ali Azmat for Dil Hai Pakistani.

Crooning beauty and affection, the sound track opens with the deep, cyclic and organic vocals of Mangal spread on the rhythmic beat of Dambora. It is surprisingly a different composition, neither satisfying nor irritated. Lyrics are thoughtful.

Ali Azmat amalgams his tone, music and delivery with the Mangal and co. well. The transitions between the upbeat guitars riffs and the recurring Dambora on the fashionably patriotic cum jingoistic lyrics, is momentary fun and amusement.