CPEC changing lives of people in Pakistan: Yue Yanghua

Muhammad Zamir Assadi

BEIJING, Dec 02 (INP): Deputy Director General of international department of the central committee of Communist Party of China (CPC), Yue Yanghua has said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), economic initiative has started changing lives of the people in Pakistan with productive out-put.

Addressing a delegation of journalists from South Asian and South East Asian countries, Yue Yanghua said that CPEC, the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has brought great benefits to local people in Pakistan as it has laid the foundation of development in the region.

She said “Among the five cooperation priorities of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, namely, policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bond, I hold that people-to-people ties are the most special element to cement as mutual understanding needs time and channels.”

China has stepped up people-to-people exchanges over the past years through holding various overseas exhibitions, setting up Confucius institutes and classes and other means, Yue said.

Yue pointed out that events like the delegation visit of this time can serve as great platforms to enhance people-to-people bond.

The CPC international relations have achieved one success after another, a win-win situation for all the parties involved, she added.

She also told that the role and advantage of CPC’s inter-party contacts has become more prominent in the stale diplomacy, in socialist modern construction and party building.

To deepen the friendship between Chinese nation and other nations, CPC is willing to develop new-type relations with any political party and organization in the world who is willing to establish relations with the CPC, and to make bigger contributions for China’s socialist and world peace stability, she told journalists.

She went on to say that ever since the founding, the CPC has attached much significance to its ideological, style and organization construction, taking international relations with political parties of other countries as an importance component.

Yue told that the CPC has made efforts probing for the best way for the party’s construction and the construction of an all round well-to-society.

CPC National Congress has advanced the four principles of CPC to develop relation with Communist parties in other countries, “independence, equality, mutual respect and non-interference in other parties’ internal affairs, she added.

She said that the CPC’s international relations progressing along with Chinese revolution, Construction, reform and opening up have a history of 90 years. By party to party relations and the advantage of political party contacts, CPC’s international relations have played a very positive role in establishing, developing and consolidating China’s relations with foreign countries.

The CPC’s international relations have coordinated with and made a huge contribution towards China’s state to state diplomacy. Increasing contacts with Asian political parties, facilitating friendship with neighboring countries have always occupied a key position in CPC’s foreign relations. The CPC has always maintained a stable relationship with all the political parties in neighboring countries.

Since late 1970’s , with the deepening reforms and opening up and China’s elevated international status , CPC’s international relations work progressed rapidly to serve the nation’s general diplomacy the party building and socialist modern construction with Chinese characteristics.

She noted that General Secretary of CPC and President of China Xi Jinping said at the CPC in Dialogue With World Political Parties High-Level Meeting that “As a matter of fact, the Belt and Road Initiative that I have proposed aims exactly to bring about a community with a shared future for mankind. Over a span of four years, the Belt and Road Initiative has grown into a major platform of cooperation for countries concerned to attain common development. Numerous tiny streams converge to make a vast ocean, and countless radiant stars illuminate the Galaxy. I am convinced that so long as we share this goal, plan together, work together, move toward it step by step, day by day, we will surely succeed in building a community with a shared future for mankind”.