Dar rejects allegation of any deal with government

Islamabad, July 10 (INP): Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar rejected allegation of any deal with the government on any account and said if there is any such thing, it should be made public.

He was giving his response to the allegation of Naeem-ul-Haque PM’s special assistant that a businessman approached to the government on his behalf for a deal.

The allegation leveled against him by Naeem-ul-Haque in a TV talks show, has no truth whatsoever, Dar said, adding that he does not believe in any interaction with a government which has no political, moral or legal standing.

He said, he was involved in baseless and political motivated case, for which he does not need to go for any deal. He reiterated that the allegation against him in the court of law, that he had not filed 20’s years returns was totally unfounded.

In fact, he said he had been filing income tax returns regularly for 35 years and his income is accounted for and fully documented. He said he is proud of serving the country selflessly.

Ishaq Dar also contradicted the allegation that sons of Nawaz Sharif have ever contacted rulers of Royal States for his release. Such kind of stories are concocted and planted by the government.

He advised the government to focus on the issues of the public interest instead of indulging itself in baseless propaganda against the opponents.