Demolition of Punjab Governor House’s walls challenged in LHC

LAHORE, Dec 03 (INP): A petition was filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday seeking halt to demolition of the walls of Governor House Punjab with immediate effect.

According to the petitioner, the walls of the building couldn’t be razed as the structure was historical in nature, “and it’s illegal to demolish the heritage building,’ the complainant said.

The process of demolishing the walls of the Governor’s House started on Sunday on directives of the prime minister. In the first phase, the boundary wall from the Mall side to Alhamra will be demolished.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar himself monitored the demolition process. The Governor’s House administration, following the instructions of the PM, started demolishing the wall which will be replaced by a metal fence. Speaking on the occasion, Sarwar said the perception that the government wanted to bulldoze the Governor’s House wasn’t true. The PTI, before elections, had pledged to demolish the walls and open the Governor’s House for the public. To a question, he said the decision to convert the building into a library or a museum would be taken by the prime minister himself. He said the PTI had presented itself for accountability after the completion of its first 100 days. He said the PTI wouldn’t support any corrupt element and if there was any corruption scam, it must be brought to surface. INP/LK