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  PARC introduces Solar Powered AC Pumping Systems for Deep Tubewells
ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (INP): Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has got a remarkable achievement by successfully installing and running of solar operated AC submersible pumping system at Talagang in District Chakwal. This system is much economical than existing DC solar pumping system. Dr. Nadeem Amjad Chairman PARC and Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, Former Chairman PARC speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the “Solar Powered AC Pumping System for Deep Tubewell” at Talagang said the DC solar pumping system was not economically feasible where more discharge is required from depth of more than 200 ft. Therefore, it became a prime challenge to design and integrate solar power with available inverters and AC pumps through state of art technologies to address the issues in an affordable cost to farming community. They said that the PARC engineers have identified combination of solar powered AC pumps which is only the best economical workable option for deep water pumping and integration with high efficient irrigation systems. This intervention has provided economical solution to the farmers having deep water source. Now, large farming communities would be able to provide supplement irrigation after successful implementation of this system especially in Baluchistan where majority of tubewells are more than 200 ft deep. The system was installed by Climate Change, Alternate Energy & Water Resources Institute (CAEWRI) of National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) PARC at SMF Agro-Farm Sargodha Road Tallagang Chakwal under IDRC/CRDI & DFID foreign funded MOU project entitled “Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE) Research on Glacier and Snow Pack Dependent River Basin for Improving Livelihood”. The framers of Talagang area, professionals from ABAD, OFWM, SAKRI, BARI, representative from private sector of water and solar companies and scientist of NARC / PARC were present in the ceremony. Dr. Nadeem Amjad said that PARC working for food security and agriculture development in the country by improving existing conventional techniques and technologies. Dr. M. Azeem Khan, Director General NARC said that the agri. scientists of water sector are working to solve the farmer’s hardships of shortage of water for agriculture. The high efficient irrigation systems integrated with solar pumping developed and tested by NARC / PARC would contribute in improvement of livelihoods of farmers. INP/AH/AJ
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CPEC will usher in regional economic connectivity and shared prosperity of nations in West and central Asia: Tariq Azim Khan
News Image   OTTAWA, Mar 26 (INP) “23rd march is a day when we renew our commitment to develop the Country in accordance with the principles of justice and equity, the real objective of the creation of Pakistan”, said Tariq Azim Khan, High Commissioner of Pakistan, while paying tribute to the Father of the Nation and other leaders of the freedom movement, at a reception hosted by the High Commission to celebrate Pakistan Day at Ottawa. More
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Al Qaeda leader Qari Yasin involved in attacks on Sri Lankan team, GHQ, Marriot Hotel bombing killed in drone attack: Pentagon
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