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  Pak-Afghan talks: Some issues still unresolved: Two countries exchange lists of wanted terrorists: Afghan NSA Atmar
KABUL, Mar 19 (INP) Afghan president's National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar has termed talks between Afghanistan and Pakistan as fruitful and constructive but some issues were still unresolved – primarily, due to lack of trust between the countries. Last week, the Afghan adviser took part in the high-level security meeting with representatives of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Kingdom that sought to settle crisis in Afghan-Pakistani relations. "We have given them a list of wanted terrorists and they have also given us the list. One of the key proposals that Afghanistan had for them was 'Let's cooperate, let's act on this list and let's have the third party to help and to verify and to monitor the process. ' In this respect we made progress, we agreed on a mechanism of cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan involving the quadrilateral arrangements that we had earlier with the United States and China," Atmar said in an interview. Atmar added that the measures aimed at ensuring deescalation of the situation at the Afghan-Pakistani border including opening crossing points had been discussed. "We are hoping that we will see some progress based on our agreement in the coming day or two days," Atmar stressed. The presidential adviser recalled that 12 countries would take part in the conference on Afghanistan in Russia on April 14. INP/AH
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Hindu nationalism pushing India into war with China: Global Times
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