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  Businessman demands more attention to agriculture sector in the coming budget
ISLAMABAD, April 02 (INP): Federal and provincial governments should not ignore agricultural sector in the upcoming budget by allocating proper resources for its development, a business leader said Sunday. Neglect has taken toll on the one of the most important sectors of the economy while continued fall in production has threatened the largest foreign exchange earning sector of textiles, said Atif Ikram Sheikh, former president ICCI. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy therefore it should be patronised and all of its sub-sectors should be given additional attention which will not only improve lives of the farming communities but also increase exports and ensure food security, he said. Atif Ikram Sheikh said that the Government of Punjab has taken some positive steps to revive the ailing sector but other provinces have not done enough which has reduced share of agriculture in the GDP. Agriculture sector provides employment to forty-four per cent population and contributes 21 per cent to the GDP; it also provides 70 per cent of the raw material to textile industry, he added. He said that promotion of agriculture was must to increase GDP, enhance industrial development, raise income of rural population and strengthen financial position of the growers. He also demanded a proper mechanism to regularly monitor the policies impacting agriculture and its sub-sectors, financial position of the farmers and contribution of the agriculture. Landlords should not dominate the entire assistances and the small farmers should also be given due share in the relief as it was vital for reviving the declining agricultural sector. Small farmers should be included in the policymaking process so that their problems can be resolved and government can get the desired results, he demanded. INP/AH/SB
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News Image   NEW YORK, Apr 22 (INP) Pakistan is re-elected as member of the Committee on Programme and Coordination of ECOSO. More
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Seven countries to deepen cooperation on China-Europe freight rail services
News Image   BEIJING, April 23 (INP) Railway authorities of China, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland and Russia, have signed an agreement to deepen cooperation on China-Europe freight rail services, according to China Railway Corporation.More
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