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  Younis Khan says retirement decision is final
KINGSTON: Apr 23 (INP) Legendary Pakistan batsman Younis Khan has shot down rumours which hinted he could take back his retirement decision and continue to play for Pakistan for another few years. In a video statement on Sunday, Younis confirmed that his decision to retire from international cricket after the Test series against West Indies was final. “There is a lot of speculation that perhaps I am taking back my decision to retire from Test cricket. There is no truth to this. My decision to retire from Test cricket is final,” he said. The veteran batsman, who is just 23 runs away from becoming the first Pakistani cricketer to score 10,000 Test runs, said he announced his retirement after careful deliberation and would not take back his decision. “I will not take back my retirement even if I score a century in every innings during the West Indies series,” Younis said, stressing that there was no need for any ‘conspiracy theories’. “I play for Pakistan, not India,” he said, as he urged his fans not to doubt his abilities and keep supporting Pakistan. Younis further asked the fans to pray for Pakistan’s victory against the West Indies. On Saturday, Pakistan's outgoing skipper Misbah-ul-Haq said he felt Pakistan still needed Younis Khan. "He can play for another year or two," he said as he reflected on his favourite batting partner's cricketing journey ahead of his final Test series, sparking speculation that Younis might be taking back his decision to quit Test cricket. INP/AH
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