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  Chinese media blames Korean missionaries behind its citizens murder in Pakistan
BEIJING, June 14 (INP) Chinese state media blamed South Korean missionaries for the kidnapping and killing of two Chinese nationals Li Xinheng and Lu Ling Lina in Quetta and alleged them of misguiding the duo. According to Global Times, some evidences regarding the involvement of Korean preachers in the murder were recovered during the investigation. The atrocity committed by the extremists is appalling. But it cannot drive a wedge between China and Pakistan, nor will the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) be disrupted. In fact, it’s doubtful whether the extremist organization targeted the CPEC this time. The two hostages killed were not staff related to the project, Global Times said in its editorial. Chinese media also bashed Indian and western media for exaggerating the news regarding the impact of killing of two Chinese on China-Pakistan ‘Iron brotherties.’ “They aim at badmouthing and disrupting China-Pakistan economic cooperation by linking the terror act caused by religious conflict to the political and economic cooperation between the two countries,” said the editorial in Global Times. The killings show the cruelty of the terrorists. But the Chinese public is also strongly opposed to South Korean churches recruiting young Chinese people to preach in war-torn areas, exposing them to great dangers, it said. The article further said that political stability is still lacking in some countries along the route of the Belt and Road. The initiative will boost the development and employment of these countries, creating more economic and social resources to realize stability. The two sides are able to address the security concerns along the CPEC and realize win-win cooperation. On the other hand, Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti revealed that the militant group has no existence in Balochistan whatsoever. INP/AH
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PM cuts short Britain visit to return home today
News Image   LONDON, June 25 (INP): The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday cut short his visit to Britain to return home today.  The PM expressed remorse over the loss of precious lives after an oil tanker caught fire and subsequently exploded in Bahawalpur's Ahmedpur East town on Sunday morning to claim 148 lives. More
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Priorities and nature of ties with India, Pakistan different: White House
News Image   WASHINGTON, June 25 (INP) Asserting that the US' ties with India and Pakistan were not a 'zero-sum game', the White House has said that the Trump administration's priorities and the nature of relationship with India and Pakistan were different.More
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