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  Chinese FM responds to "end of diplomatic truce" with Taiwan
BEIJING, June 14 (INP): A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Wednesday that Taiwan would find itself in a dead end if it denies the 1992 Consensus that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China. Lu Kang made the remarks at a daily press briefing when asked whether the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Panama Tuesday means the end of a "diplomatic truce" between the mainland and Taiwan. The one-China principle not only concerns the core interest of China and the feelings of the 1.3 billion Chinese, but also is the prerequisite and political foundation of developing relations between China and foreign countries, said Lu. Stressing that China has more and more friends now, Lu said there is "no way out" for Taiwan to refuse to accept the 1992 Consensus. Only by acknowledging the consensus could cross-Strait relations develop peacefully and the people on both sides of the Strait realize common development, said Lu. INP/OBD/AJ
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PM cuts short Britain visit to return home today
News Image   LONDON, June 25 (INP): The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday cut short his visit to Britain to return home today.  The PM expressed remorse over the loss of precious lives after an oil tanker caught fire and subsequently exploded in Bahawalpur's Ahmedpur East town on Sunday morning to claim 148 lives. More
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Priorities and nature of ties with India, Pakistan different: White House
News Image   WASHINGTON, June 25 (INP) Asserting that the US' ties with India and Pakistan were not a 'zero-sum game', the White House has said that the Trump administration's priorities and the nature of relationship with India and Pakistan were different.More
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